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Soggy Bottom's Sparkplug

Sparkplug (reg. # 10650821) was born 1/18/14 and sired by RRD Rebel A548.  Sparkplug has a tremendous front end and wide loin.  He is plenty muscular with lot's of bone.  He is a proven sire and is known to throw a wide variety of colors and patterns to his progeny.

 KFC Spotted Tornado

Tornado has it all!  He's long as a railroad, structurally correct, wide, deep, with muscle to spare, and a beautiful roman head.  He was born 3/3/16.  He is my favorite spotted buck to date.

Mr. See Spot Run

Mr. See Spot Run is out of TAM's X-04, which is also the sire of the well known TAM Mr. Freckles.  His dam is Fern Hollow Farm Y25.  Mr. See Spot Run produces outstanding conformation with tremendous muscle and bone.

Cry Baby

I bought Cry Baby from Angie Hartman when he was just a few months old because even then he was outstanding as a buck.  He was sired by Lazy S-T Daredevil.  He has beautiful, correct conformation.  I love his beautiful roman head and the elegant length, bone and muscle.  I also love that he imparts his elegance to his daughters and his mass to his sons


A58, who we call Gigantor, is an extremely well built, very long bodied (he's been described as "long as a railroad"), structurally correct buck with tremendous bone and muscle.    He has a beautiful roman nose with an excellent bite.  He even has spots on his head.  He has produced some of the best show wethers here and his daughters are elegant and growthy.

Jose Cuervo

I bought Jose Cuervo from Carol DeLobbe and have been extremely pleased with his offspring.  He throws a lot of spots in addition to length, width and muscle.  His bite is perfect and he has a beautiful roman head. I don't know how I could have asked for anything more in a buck!


FireBall is long, wide, massive buck who goes back to Highlander's 104 (ennobled) on top and both Tabu (ennobled) and Tamu (ennobled) on bottom.  It is hard for me to part with his offspring as they are often some of my very best - always long, wide, structurally correct, and his daughters tend to be elegant.  And he throws a lot of color.

Son of Sumo

Son of Sumo

Son of Sumo has 5 ennoblements on his pedigree including his Sire, Sumo, and his maternal Grandfather, Rambo.  Long as a railroad, Son of Sumo throws structurally correct, thick, well muscled does and a surprisingly high number of quality show wethers (always the first ones to bought for showing).

Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac Arrest is a structurally correct, massive buck I purchased from Larry Hart.  He is a son of Eggsorcist (ennobled) on top and a Grandson of Eggsfile (ennobled) on bottom.  He puts length, width, bone, muscle and style into his kids plus a little color from time to time.  He puts the "awe" in awesome.

BullsEye T2

BullsEye T2.  I proudly co-own this gorgeous FB buck with Ann & Hugh Shafer - http://schaferfarms.net/.  After almost a year of searching for a long bodied, structurely correct, well muscled, big butted, colored buck we found him at the Schlundt's Triple S,  near San Antonio - http://www.triplesgoatranch.com.  His grandsire is KALR Studly-Dudly (Ennobled) and on bottom he goes back to Crown C Ideko Tahbo.

Norman Red Tail

I purchased Norman Red Tail from Marvin Shurley.  Norman's sire, Sunny Acres Aaron, goes back to Glipsie's Ticket 500 while his dam goes back to NBBG Tsjaka (ennobled).  Norman Red Tail's sire has sired several top placing bucklings in various feed tests and Norman has reliably produced big-boned, heavy muscled, fast growing kids, and a little color from time to time.

AGBA Gateridge Vindacator

AGBA Gateridge Vindacator, born 11/15/03, goes back to Eggsfile on both the top and bottom, as well as ennobled Eggstreme on top.  He threw elegant, well balanced kids with color.  You could see dilute white spots on his rump, neck, and shoulder.

Heart Throb

Heart Throb came from Hart & Son's (Larry Hart) and is out of Hart's Classic Warrior on top which goes back to ennobled Glipsie III, and ennobled 2SIS 321M.  On bottom be goes back to ennobled Sumo and ennobled Precious Perfect.  He is a massive buck and throws tremendous kids who are thick, well muscled, long bodied and structurally correct.  He especially puts the front ends onto his kids, but his back end is noting to sneeze at!  D.O.B. is 04/07/05.  He's been raised on pasture and is ready to go to work.

Rum Raisin

Rum Raisin is out of an enormous, structurally correct Bon Joli (DeLobbe) paint doe and KALR Stone Cold (owned by DeLobbes and also known as "Steve").  He had a couple of dilute gold spots.  He was long bodied, well muscled, structurally correct, with a gorgeous roman head and excellent bite.  He was well balanced and has thrown fast growing, beautiful offspring including some very competitive show wether sons.