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I am putting up for sale most of my herd.  These are all my "keepers".  I'm selling due to bad back and retirement.  All of these have been bred for excellent mothering abilities, structural correctness, and ability to thrive on the ranch with little additional feed.  I wouldn't be selling these if I didn't have to, so give them a look and know that I can work on the prices if you buy 3 or more.


Sparkplug was born 1/18/14, sired by RRD Rebel A548.  I hate to see him go but he's done his job here.  He has a tremendous front end that he stamps onto his progeny.  He has depth, width, bone, and throws a lot of color.  Plus he has a gentle disposition and is not tame, but easy to handle.  Asking $700.


Fullblood, born 2/15/14.  One of the last existing granddaughters of Ubora.  She is a fantastic mother, has just finished raising triplets and still looks great.  Asking $400.


E98 was born 10/2/15 and is a proven excellent mother.  She was a triplet and was sired by Hart1 Cry Baby, so she throws a lot of color and some spots.  Asking $400


E91 is another fullblood traditional with excellent mothering abilities.  Born 5/1/15, twin, sired by Hart1 Cry Baby and is known to throw color and spots.  Asking $400.


F4 is a purebred, born 2/27/16, twin.  She is out of my show wether line and I have high expectations for her as a producer of competitive show wethers.  Asking $350.


F18 is a beautiful does born 3/2/16, out of Gigantor.  She is actually a fullblood, but due to never receiving papers on her mother, she is registered as a 50%.  She raised triplets this past spring and proved to be an excellent mother.  She has everything needed to produce show wethers and does.  Daughter H40 also for sale.  Asking $250.


H40 is one of the daughters of F18.  She was born 3/8/18 and was a triplet. She is registered as 75%.  Her sire was Tornado so although she is red, I have every reason to believe she can throw spots.  She is a heavy, thick, wide, deep doeling.  A real beauty.  Asking $275.


D9 is a fullblood out of Hart1 Cry Baby and one of my favorite spotted does.  She was born 2/16/14 and was a twin. She is a proven excellent mother.  Her daughter (G2) is also for sale.  Asking $500


G2 is a daughter of D9 (also for sale) and TAM Mr. See Spot Run.  She was a triplet born 2/24/17.  If I didn't have to sell off most of my remaining herd I would definitely be keeping her.  Asking $450


G13 is a fullblood born 3/2/17, twin, sired by TAM's Mr. See Spots Run.  She is another one I would be keeping if I could.  Asking $600


G18 is a high % purebred out of Soggy Bottom's Sparkplug.  She was born 3/8/17 and was a twin.  Asking $275