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Texas Swede

This is Texahachie Farms Texas Swede.  DOB 5/20/12.  Sired by CG Texas Tornado.  Amza registered.  Texas Swede measures between 36" & 37".  He throws color and has sired several paints.  He transformed my herd - he is structurally correct and sweet natured.  Asking $1500.00


Hercules was born 5/4/13.  He is a son of Jake (see foundation stock) and Crooked Star Lilly.  I estimate him to be approximately 41&1/2 to 42".  He is gentle natured, but not tame.  Will eat out of your hand.  He is registered with AMZA.  He will add muscle, length, and a calm temperament to your herd.  Asking $1200.


D3 was born 6-4-14.  He is a son of Crooked Star Little Jake and Cocoa.  We measured him at 39&1/2 to 40".  Registered AMZA.  Asking $800.


D4 was born 6-15-14.  He is a son of Crooked Star Little Jake and Crooked Star Daisy.  We measured him at 38&1/2".  Asking $800.

has it all wrapped up in a small package!  His conformation is excellent and he only measures at 34&1/2 to 35".   If you are trying to reduce the size of your herd he could be just what you are looking for.   He was born 7-29-14 and is a son of Crooked Star Little Jake and Crooked Star Lilly.  Lilly threw a lot of color thru the years so he might as well.  He has a calm demeanor but is not halter trained.  He would make an excellent herd sire.  Asking $1500.


E2 was born 5-26-15 out of Texas Swede and I-Diamond-I Snickerdoodle.
Snickerdoodle is a big cow and Texas Swede is a small bull.  At a year of age E2 is medium sized.  He would fill a small freezer nicely.  Asking $400.


E5 is a gorgeous grey, black and white paint out of Texahachie Farms Texas Swede and Crooked Star Cocoa.  He was born 4-20-15.  He will bring a small size along with excellent confirmation to your herd, not to mention he has the potential to throw paints.  Asking $2250.